GreenLight XPS laser prostatectomy (PVP)

Men who have lower urinary tract symptoms due to prostatic enlargement that have symptoms resistant to drug therapy or who have a catheter following urine retention are suitable for this procedure.
It involves removing the inner most part of the prostate allowing urine to flow easily leading to more efficient bladder emptying. The procedure is performed under a general anaesthetic transurethrally with a camera passed down the natural water pipe (urethra) with no external cuts made. Unlike some other techniques such as TURP there is no upper limit of size of prostate that can be treated.
The advantage of this technique includes:
  • little or no bleeding
  • no need to stop aspirin
  • suitable for men with cardiac co-morbidities
  • day-case procedure
  • minimal post operative catheter time with no catheter required in 25%

It is possible to perform ejaculatory preserving PVP (EP PVP). This allows men to have an orgasm with a fluid ejaculation after the procedure. The technique involves leaving the ejaculatory duct and apex of the prostate untreated. This does not guarantee men to ejaculate but gives the best possible chance.


Video of GreenLight XPS laser prostatectomy (PVP)

Christian Brown,
2 Feb 2014, 08:39